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RITES:Rhode Island Technology Enhanced Science Program

image for project RITES The University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College, Johnston Public Schools and the Rhode Island Department of Education are Core Partners in a comprehensive, statewide effort to improve the quality of science teaching and learning at all secondary schools. The Education Alliance at Brown University, which will evaluate the project, is a supporting partner together with the Community College of Rhode Island, the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation and the Concord Consortium.

The RITES project will, in five years of NSF funding, transform the quality of science teaching and learning at all secondary schools, with the goal of increasing the number and diversity of students who are proficient in science and pursue careers in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM).

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RITES: Framing Effective STEM Teaching

RITES is the targeted MSP program in Rhode Island. RITES stands for RI Technology Enhanced Sciences. It seeks to support state and district initiatives to improve science teaching and learning…

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Rhode Island Students Score High on Inquiry

The Rhode Island Technology Enhanced Science (RITES) project has been fomenting change in educational and institutional practices, and most importantly, in student learning across the small but diverse state of…

Professional Learning Communities: Practices for Successful Implementation

"Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) involve teachers in site-based, ongoing, collaborative professional development. Three education department faculty members, interested in developing university-school partnerships, undertook this study in order to identify the…

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RITES at the Concord Consortium

Information about how to access RITES materials and the role of the Concord Consortium in the RITES project

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